A Hot Mess…In Public

Sometimes our messes go on public display. Let me tell you about one of those times…

hot mess card

My husband and I go to the public library a lot, and always have since we started dating way back when. We were recently engaged at this point, and to save money as we planned our wedding, I was borrowing wedding magazines from the library. As we were preparing to leave, the lady behind the counter says, “Judging by this, you’ll need to get a new library card soon to reflect your new last name!”

I don’t know how most people would take that comment, but for the most part I don’t think it would be the way I took it. I started ugly crying. The kind that involves scrunched facial expressions and a lot of snot. Ugly cried right there in public. The thought of changing my name was not coming easily to me during our engagement, and apparently that poor library lady’s comment was the straw that broke the camel’s back…and opened the floodgate of my tears.

And my poor husband! There I was, Miss Mess at the time, just breaking down at the library. As he timidly asks if we can make it to the car, I had somewhat of an out-of-body realization of the situation my future husband found himself in with me. And being the incredibly kind man that he is, he patiently waited for me to calm down some, escorted me to the car, kept asking if I was ok. Goodness, do I love him.

So just like any good friend who loves you through all the ups and downs, sometimes you need to love yourself through the public displays of crazy and accept that it’s all ok. And sometimes the lady working at the local library needs to cut you a break, too…

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